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About The ARC Refund Program™

ARC Refund Guarantee™

The ARC Refund Guarantee™ is part of the ARC Fertility Program™. This program provides that after receiving all of the required services you will be refunded most of the money you have paid if a live birth (baby) has not been achieved through the IVF treatments. While IVF is a very successful treatment, the national averages demonstrate that the average patient needs more than one-cycle of IVF to take home a baby. Advanced Reproductive Care offers three different options for a patient to choose from which are part of its IVF refund program:

  1. One-cycle plus™: Patients receive up to 2 IVF cycles–one fresh plus one frozen embryo transfer .
  2. Two-cycle plus™: Patients receive up to 4 IVF cycles–two fresh plus two frozen embryo transfers.
  3. Three-cycle plus™: Patients receive up to 6 IVF cycles–three fresh plus three frozen embryo transfers.

The ARC Refund Guarantee ™ is available on all our options: the One*, Two* and Three-cycle treatment packages as well as our Donor*

(* Not all clinics participate in the one and two-cycle refund guarantee programs)

Benefits of The ARC Refund Program ™

This program helps with predetermined discounted package-pricing, payment plan options and a money-back refund guarantee program. This program maximizes your probability of taking home a baby while making the cost affordable and minimizing your financial risk.

All patients qualify: This program is very flexible, so that all patients can qualify for at least one of the Refund plans offered.


The pricing of the ARC Refund is determined after we have received The ARC Program Application TM. The cost of the program depends upon many different factors like age, fertility status, the type of treatment package chosen, the ARC practice where you will receive your treatment, use of donor eggs, and the type of refund guarantee you have purchased.

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ARC is the nation’s largest network of fertility specialists, who along with their network of physicians, are committed to making the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable. Together, we support couples through their journey and help fulfill their dreams of having a baby.

With ARC, a number of affordable options are available for patients to choose from:

  • Affordable and Predictable Fertility Treatment Packages
  • Financing Payment Plan Options
  • ARC’s Patient Services Team handles the process of applying for financing on the patients behalf and follows up until the outcome is complete
  • There is no fee to apply for financing through ARC
  • ARC Refund Guarantee Program
  • Gives you a portion of your money back if a live birth is not achieved
  • ARC Pharmacy Financing
  • Enables patients to finance the cost of medications

Contact ARC to find out more about their refund options or pricing without the refund. For additional information about these patient options, and to help you maximize your opportunity for having a baby, while minimizing your financial risk, please visit ARC Fertility. You can also call their toll free number, 1-888-990-2727 and speak with a Patient Services Specialist for personalized care.