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Study Finds Omega-3s May Promote Fertility in Obese Women

A team of University of Colorado researchers found a promising link between omega-3 supplementation and increased fertility among obese women, who are more likely to struggle with infertility.
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Award-Winning Research Links Omega-3 Fatty Acids With Increased Fertility

University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine researchers uncover a relationship between omega-3 fatty acids and increased ovarian reserve that could benefit up to 30 percent of infertile women.
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Expanding Insurance for Single Embryo IVF Could Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

Expanding insurance coverage for elective single-embryo transfer during IVF could lead to improved health outcomes and lower health care costs, according to a new study by Dr. Alex Polotsky of the University of Colorado's Advanced Reproductive Medicine.
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CU Fertility Expert’s Study on Unexplained Infertility Published in The New England Journal of Medicine

The Reproductive Medicine Network study highlights an important discovery in treatment of women’s infertility including the benefits of using the drug letrozole to stimulate ovulation and reduce multiple births, instead of other drugs currently used as standard therapy.
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CU Fertility Expert Awarded NIH Grant to Find Connection Between Key Reproductive Hormones and Body Weight

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine a $1.7 million grant to investigate how follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) releases and interacts with ovaries in obese women. FSH, regulates egg production in the ovaries and is a key factor in determining a woman’s fertility.
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CU Fertility & Bioengineering Apply 3D Printing Technology to Correct Vaginal Birth Defect

The University of Colorado Fertility and Engineering departments have created a first-of-its-kind passive dilation seat for women with vaginal agenesis.
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Alex Polotsky, M.D., Appointed Interim Division Chief of Advanced Reproductive Medicine at University of Colorado

Alex Polotsky, M.D., has been appointed interim chief of the Advanced Reproductive Medicine division at the University of Colorado Denver.
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CU Study First to Prove Smoking in Males Increases Infertility

CU proves that males who smoke while trying to conceive when their female partner has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have a harder time getting pregnant.
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Breaking Infertility Stigma Among Latinos and Hispanics

Couples of Hispanic and Latin American heritage with fertility problems are half as likely as the overall U.S. population to seek infertility treatment, a situation CU’s Advanced Reproductive Medicine wants to change.
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CU AMIGOS Study Provides Answers to the Question of Unexplained Infertility

University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine worked four years on an NIH study to determine the best treatment for an estimated 30 percent of infertility patients.
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Inflammation Contributes to Infertility in Obese Women

Advanced Reproductive Medicine researchers discover a relationship between the chronic inflammation that accompanies obesity in women and their impaired fertility, raising the prospect of reversing the negative effects of obesity on fertility.

Unnecessary Tests Driving Up Healthcare Costs for Women

Dr. Polotsky, a CU fertility specialists discusses the unnecessary surveillance of heart disease in women with PCOS causing an increase in healthcare costs.
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CU Researchers Win Prize Paper Award at International Fertility Meeting

CU researchers won a prize paper award at an international ASRM fertility meeting aimed at helping patients get the best possible pregnancy outcomes.
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CU Fertility Clinic’s Breakthrough Research Affects Millions

CU's Denver fertility clinic is part of a study involving a new drug that results in a 30-40% pregnancy increase for women with infertility caused by PCOS.

CU Physician Hones In On Why Obesity Increases Infertility

Dr. Polotsky’s Obesity journal article shows a direct link between male obesity, infertility and decreased in vitro fertilization (IVF) success rates.

New Physicians Boost Staff of Leading Colorado Fertility Practice

Serena Dovey, MD and Lauren Roth, MD, join CU's fertility staff, increasing its commitment to research-based clinical care for all fertility patients.

University of Colorado Centers Team up to Break the Link Between Infertility and Obesity

Colorado infertility patients struggling with obesity can now get help from weight specialists and the only wellness program of its kind in the country.

Dr. Ruben Alvero Named One of Denver’s Top Fertility Doctors

Dr. Alvero was named "Top Doc of 2013" by 5280 Magazine and Denver physicians as the fertility doctor they would most want treating them and their families.

We Moved! New Stapleton clinic now open to patients

CU's Stapleton fertility clinic offers patients the expertise of a leading university research hospital involved in every aspect of reproductive medicine.

OB/GYN Professor Receives Acclaim for Obesity Research That Could Affect Fertility

“Fertility is known to be decreased in obese women and obese men,” said Professor James McManaman, Ph.D., vice-chairman of research for CU OB/GYN.

UCARM to Present Abstracts at American Society for Reproductive Medicine Annual Conference

CU will present abstracts at ASRM's 2012 national meeting that brings together reproductive health professionals, focusing on fertility and treatments.

5280 Names Dr. Ruben Alvero "Top Doctor"

5280 magazine named Dr. Alvero as one of five top reproductive endocrinologists selected by peers as physicians they would trust to treat their own families

Lauren Roth, MD, Receives Clinical Research Fellowship and Mentor Award

CU Dr. Roth was awarded the Clinical Research Fellowship and Mentor Award at The Endocrine Society conference for focusing on obesity and reproduction.

American Obesity Could Affect Population Growth

According to Dr. Polotsky, an expert on obesity and fertility, research shows increasing male partner obesity could cut couples' fertility in half.

Local Study Offers Free Treatment to Those with Unexplained Infertility

A CU research study in May, 2012 offered patients with "unexplained infertility" free infertility treatment for participation. Call 303-724-5284.

Research: Obese Men Have 80% Higher Odds of Producing No Sperm

New research delivers news to men hoping to become dads: If you are overweight or obese, you might not be producing enough sperm and causing infertility.

IVF Discount Offered to All Active Duty Military Personnel

The CU Colorado Springs office is offering a $500 discount to all active duty military personnel and their families for IVF treatment for infertility.

From Colorado to Mongolia

Dr. Alvero, a reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist, serves as a U.S. colonel in the Army Reserve providing medical care in Mongolia.

Dr. Murray Named "Top Doc" in Fertility

Dr. Shona Murray of University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine in Colorado Springs was named as the top reproductive endocrinologist by Colorado Springs Style Magazine, selected by more than 1,500 doctors.

UCH OB/GYN Department Receives National Recognition

U.S. News and World Report named CU OB/GYN as one of the nation's "high-performing specialties," placing it among the top 25% of 5,000 hospitals surveyed.

14 Abstracts Accepted at ASRM

UCARM had 14 abstracts at the 2011 ASRM national conference. Dr. Roth's study on testosterone supplementation in elderly men was chosen as a prize paper.