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Reprometabolic Syndrome Mediates Subfertility in Obesity

Did you know that being metabolically unhealthy is linked to being reproductively unhealthy?

This study will aim to tie together the patterns of excess insulin, excess fats in the blood, and excessive inflammation, all characteristic of obesity and obesity-caused reproductive problems and its potential adverse reproductive outcomes:

  • Our ultimate goal is to optimize reproductive outcomes for obese women and their offspring
  • We will do this by creating some of the features of an unhealthy metabolism, as seen in obesity, in normal weight women to recreate what we call ‘the reprometabolic syndrome’
  • We will also evaluate how well insulin acts in women with a BMI less than 25, when they are exposed to a high fat diet (50% or more of daily calories from fat)
  • Finally, we will seek changes in inflammatory markers induced along with the reprometabolic syndrome to identify what is circulating in the blood of women with obesity and reproductive dysfunction that causes the reproductive problems

Lead Physician: Nannette Santoro, MD

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