Clinical Researchers & Fertility Research Staff

Joshua Johnson, Ph.D.

photo-joshua-johnson-phd | UCARM Fertility ResearchJosh Johnson, Ph.D., is a CU reproductive biologist with nearly 20 years of experience studying the ovaries. His research group focuses on mechanisms that support oocyte (egg) quality and that lead to oocyte loss, whether due to “normal” aging or in the context of human premature ovarian failure.

Protecting the eggs in the ovaries from damage, by using such “oncofertility” techniques as egg and ovarian tissue freezing, is a particularly exciting area of his research group. His lab is also studying fragile X permutation and fragile X premature ovarian insufficiency (FXPOI), the most common known genetic risk factor in the development of premature ovarian failure.

He is originally from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for his undergraduate degree in biology, followed by a Ph.D. in biology at Arizona State University. Josh completed postdoctoral training in the Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Prior to joining UC-Denver’s faculty in 2016, he was a principal investigator for 11 years in the department of OB-GYN & reproductive sciences at the Yale School of Medicine.

Josh and his wife, Marsha, have three daughters, ages 20, 16 and 6, and the entire family is thrilled to have relocated to beautiful Denver. Playing soccer and reading science fiction are his main extracurricular activities.

T. Rajendra Kumar, Ph.D., Vice-Chair of Research

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Raj Kumar | Chair of Research OBGYNDr. T. Rajendra Kumar is an Edgar L. & Patricia M. Makowski Endowed Professor and Vice-Chair of Research in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. His areas of focus include reproductive hormones, molecular genetics and reproductive disorders. In particular, he studies the early diagnosis and prevention of pituitary tumors, microenvironmental integrity within gonads and quality of gametes, and gonadotropin signaling in ovaries.

He received his Master of Science degree in Biochemistry and his Master of Philosophy in Reproductive Physiology at the Central University of Hyderabad, India. He also earned a Ph.D. in Endocrine Biochemistry at the University of Delhi, India.

Dr. Kumar has published more than 90 papers including textbook chapters and invited reviews. Though he is a professor and basic research scientist, not a physician, Kumar hopes that the studies from his laboratory will lead to benefits for patients.

When he is not at work, Dr. Kumar enjoys reading about the history of science, traveling (mostly by driving), watching movies with his wife and daughter, and guessing who will win the Oscar Awards and Physiology or Medicine Nobel Prize each year.

Dr. Kumar’s Lab

Honors and Awards

  • Kansas-IdeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE) Faculty Scholar Award
  • KU Medical Center Faculty Investigator Award
  • Thomas L. Noffsinger Investigator Award
  • Endocrine Society and Elsevier Press Journals for Molecule and Cellular Endocrinology Outstanding Reviewer Award