Dr. Polotsky Blogs

About Dr. Polotsky

Dr. Polotsky is the Chief and an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine in Denver. He is a pioneer in exploring the link between obesity and infertility, serving as Co-Director of WIFI – Wellness Interdisciplinary Fertility Initiative – devoted to improving clinical care of fertility patients. 

Gestational Surrogacy? Go Commercial

A gestational surrogacy arrangement, in which one woman carries a pregnancy for another woman after implanting that woman’s fertilized embryo achieved with her eggs and her partner’s sperm, is sometimes recommended for intended parents.

PGS: Why on Earth Should I Spend Money on It?

If IVF is recommended, our patients are often surprised to find out that this treatment is costly. Find out why patients would anyone pay extra for an additional procedure that is essentially elective and if it’s cost-effective.

Doctor, Do I Have to Do IVF?

Our philosophy is that, whenever possible, patients should be in the driver’s seat. Ultimately, the patient must decide for him or herself if they HAVE to do IVF after a thorough discussion with a knowledgeable and caring physician