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Dr-Nanette-Santoro, CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine

What You Need to Know About Zika Virus and Your Pregnancy

The Zika virus is not an immediate danger to most American women, including Colorado women, and does not warrant hitting pause in your efforts to conceive. But you should arm yourself with information about the virus to avoid harm to you and your future baby.

UCARM Frozen embryo transplant prep | Infertilty Lab Tour

A Day in the IVF Lab

A behind the scenes look in this “Day in the life of our IVF lab” blog. Follow along with our embryologists as they transfer eggs & sperm to create embryos.

home ovulation

Home Ovulation Kits – Where’s the Value?

Recent years have seen a proliferation of apps, devices & test kits that tell women when they are fertile and promise to help them conceive. Do these devices live up to their claims?

surrogacy university of colorado advanced reproductive medicine

Gestational Surrogacy? Go Commercial

A gestational surrogacy arrangement, in which one woman carries a pregnancy for another woman after implanting that woman’s fertilized embryo achieved with her eggs and her partner’s sperm, is sometimes recommended for intended parents.

Dr. Shona Murray | CU Colorado Springs Fertility Specialist

Who’s Business Is It That I Am Doing Donor Insemination?

Whether a donor is an open donor or not, this is a very private decision, and many see that it is no one’s business but their own. The question remains of who, when and how much should you tell that you are undergoing donor insemination?


PGS: Why on Earth Should I Spend Money on It?

If IVF is recommended, our patients are often surprised to find out that this treatment is costly. Find out why patients would anyone pay extra for an additional procedure that is essentially elective and if it’s cost-effective.

Geina Horton | Colorado Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture & Fertility Treatments

Advanced Reproductive Medicine’s licensed acupuncturist Geina Horton discusses acupuncture, IVF & fertility treatments as well as the unique benefits of acupuncture in the operating room.