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Freezing Eggs: Benefits and Realities

Boston University News Service’s article about considerations before freezing eggs quoted CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine’s physician Dr. Serena Dovey.


Omega-3 Consumption May Slow Ovarian Aging

A study led by Dr. Polotsky found dietary omega-3 consumption can slow ovarian aging in mice and improve oocyte quality as a preliminary step, but more research will be needed for outcomes that really matter to women, such as pregnancy rates.

biodentical hormones nanette santoro

Use of Unapproved Hormones for Menopause Rises

More U.S. women are taking unregulated hormones that are compounded and often marketed as “bioidentical” hormones to reduce hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. Dr. Santoro generally recommends against using compounded hormones.


SWAN Study Reveals Increased Menopause Length

Dr. Santoro discusses in a new study that women who get hot flashes at a younger age may likely experience a longer menopause while women who begin menopause later in life will have shorter periods of difficulty menopause symptoms.