IVF Costs & Pricing

At University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine, we understand that not all IVF costs are covered by insurance. We have made every effort to offer a discounted prepaid package price to help ease the stress of fertility treatment costs. To receive the discounted price, we ask that your payment be made, in full, by the start of stimulation medications.

Please view our fees for the most common clinical services we offer. Please note that we accept most insurances and have contracts that discount these fees for those payers. We also offer self-pay and other discounts for patients that qualify.

Prices listed are all pre-paid pricing. Patient’s insurance will be billed more than the pre-paid prices below.

Patient visits: $250

New patient and return patient visits are $250. All charges are at self-pay discount prices.

Total cost of IVF cycle at CU ARM: $13,705

Includes the following: Ultrasounds starting at baseline, blood tests and venipuncture from baseline to day of retrieval, injection teaching with nurse, egg retrieval, anesthesia, laminaria and TET protocols if needed, basic oocyte culture, fertilization, one embryo transfer, cryopreservation and first year of embryo storage, post review with a doctor if the cycle fails.

Additional IVF services
Additional cost
ICSI $2,000
PGS biopsy $3,000

Other services & cost

Other services/costs Additional cost
Oocyte retrieval with oocyte preservation $7,655 (< 10 eggs)
+ $350 for 11-20 eggs ($8,005)
+ $800 for 20+ eggs ($8,455)
Frozen embryo transfer $4,288-$6,788
Embryo transfer with frozen oocytes created into embryos $9,988-$13,088
Egg donor coordination fee (includes FDA labs after donor is accepted to move forward) $2,400
Gestational coordination fee $2,700

Additional IVF package lab services cost

The following lab services may be added to your IVF package, as necessary or as desired.

Service description Additional cost
Embryo storage – every 12 months $450
Storage per year for sperm $250
Storage per year for testicular/ovarian tissue $250
Storage per year for cryopreserved oocytes $450
IUI $350
TDI $314

Pre-IVF infertility testing costs

There are many causes of infertility, and women oftentimes become pregnant with minimal assistance from their fertility doctor. Below, please find fertility screening costs for both men and women. We offer all charges at self-pay discount prices. Please note that medications ARE NOT included in the package price.

Services included
Additional cost
Initial semen analysis $166
Fluid contrast ultrasound (sonohysterogram) $899
FemVue $962
Trial embryo transfer $250
Consultation with psychologist $250
Pre-IVF lab screening (OB panel, HIV, Hepatitis panel, CMV titers, Cervical cultures, Pap, etc.) $1,200 (approximately – this may be done at your PCP)
Medications (estimated costs depending on pharmacy and drug dosage): Lupron (leuprolide); human menopausal gondotropins; prenatal vitamins; Vibramycin (doxycycline); hCG; progesterone in oil.
Medications ARE NOT included in the IVF package price.
Additional medications for ovarian hyperstimulation of the donor: albumin (given during retrieval) $250/dose (1-4 doses may be needed)
 FDA blood work panel Check with your nurse coordinator

Costs to outside agency for genetic screening of embryos

Approximate cost of genetic screening of embryos $2,400

These prices are approximate and may be subject to change.