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To offer our patients inventive ways to keep down the cost of infertility treatments, we have partnered with Progyny, which works with employers to offer a comprehensive fertility benefit to their employees. Most fertility health insurance plan benefits are cost-based coverage, and many require patients to use less expensive – and at times less effective­­ – forms of fertility treatment first.

With Progyny’s inclusive fertility benefit, a patient can begin with the most effective treatment for him or her with the best chance of achieving a successful pregnancy. CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine is proud to partner with Progyny as their outcomes-focused approach align closely with our goal of putting the patient first.

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Progyny’s premier fertility treatment network

Progyny’s patient focused approach has attracted a premier network of fertility specialists, including CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine. By partnering with Progyny, we can offer the most appropriate and latest assisted reproductive medicine technologies to our patients without compromising the individual’s treatment plan due to cost. Progyny offers access to the largest national fertility provider network in the industry.

This combination allows us, and Progyny’s entire network, to deliver the best clinical outcomes by increasing success rates, reducing the time to a successful pregnancy and delivering more singleton births. Currently, Progyny covered patients have a 10% higher live birth per transfer rate than the national average (52.7% vs. 42.7%).

Patient-focused fertility treatment health insurance

Fertility treatment is an overwhelming experience, not just physically but also emotionally and financially. We want to provide support and guidance for our patients on all of these fronts. Partnering with Progyny offers a valuable service to address many of the financial concerns.

Additionally, the Progyny benefit is designed to be comprehensive. It covers all the testing and services associated with treatment, to ensure that a patient’s coverage doesn’t exhaust midcycle. This allows the doctor and the patient the opportunity to make treatment decisions based on the best outcome for the patient, not cost. The Progyny benefit may cover a variety of treatment options including in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg freezing, surrogacy and more.

Some of other benefits Progyny offers patients include the following.

  • Patient care advocate: This individual acts as a personal, dedicated resource for navigating infertility treatment. This includes coordinating appointments, answering common questions and providing emotional support.
  • Fertility medication benefit: Fertility medication is often one of the most expensive components of infertility treatment. However, it is often not included in typical insurance plans. Progyny Rx is an integrated fertility medication program that may be included in the Progyny benefit. The single authorization process and drug administration support upon delivery helps patients feel more comfortable with the proper administration of their fertility medication.
  • Digital emotional support tools: Progyny has developed an exclusive app for those dealing with the specific challenges of infertility. The application offers interactive mindfulness exercises and science-based activities to ease anxiety, as well as providing communication strategies to give and receive support.

Progyny also has an extensive list of in-network laboratory and ancillary partners. These partners cover things such as blood work, preconception carrier screenings, tissue storage and preimplantation genetic testing.