Why Do International Fertility Patients Come to University of Colorado?

I started practicing fertility medicine in Colorado in 2010. I had just relocated from a busy academic practice in New York and thought that I had seen it all. The diversity of patients in New York City and its environs was considerable and I certainly learned to appreciate and respect many different cultures and attitudes toward fertility from around the globe.

What I did not expect when I came to Colorado was the surprisingly high number of our patients at Advanced Reproductive Medicine who actually LIVE abroad. Fertility laws and practices around the world vary considerably, and many countries have restricted opportunities for fertility coverage and fertility services.

In many Western and developing countries around the globe it is illegal to provide financial compensation to a gestational carrier or egg donor. While fertility laws are in general more permissive in the United States, this is not the main reason why international patients seek care at our practice.

I am proud to say that we have been able to create a nurturing and sensitive environment that addresses many needs of international patients. Over the past year, I have been involved in taking care of couples from many countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, Russia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Germany, Sweden just to name a few. It’s been a tremendous privilege and one of the highlights of my career to serve many folks who always manage to surprise me with amazing stories of perseverance and determination.

My schedule often has slots for a phone consultation with patients calling from many time zones away. I do sometimes have to reassure patients that we will take the best care of their needs even though they may not see me here in Denver for every visit. Modern amenities of communication via Skype, email or even WhatsApp have made it easier to maintain contact and stay in touch over long distances.

But the human touch still needs to be present in any and all communications, no matter the medium of transmission. We strive to meet the patients where they are, geographically and mentally, and provide them with a comprehensive outlook for the options. Our philosophy has always been to be a patient-centric practice and this certainly applies to out international patients.

So, come on folks, bring your stories over to Denver and we will help fulfill your dream wherever you may live!

Ready to begin?

We provide initial consultations by phone for patients who are located out of town. Call our Denver Clinic at (303) 724-8089 or our CO Springs Clinic at (719) 314-3333 to set up your phone appointment. Phone consultation fees range from $154-300 for new patients and $92-215 for return patients based on the length of the call.
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