Dr. Dovey Discusses Fertility Preservation for Childhood Cancer Patients

Oncofertility may not be top-of-mind for parents of children fighting cancer, but it should be

Fertility preservation for children article | CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine | CO 5280 magazine Logo

In an article featured in 5280 magazine, CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine’s Dr. Serena Dovey shares her insight on oncofertility options for children battling cancer. Dr. Dovey is the leader of the Oncofertility Program at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and is a passionate advocate for providing options for fertility preservation.

“Parents are getting a lot of bad news [during that time period],” says Dr. Dovey, who consults on cancer cases for Children’s Hospital Colorado. “But what we’re focusing on is the future of their child, when they’re cured from cancer.”

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