Dr. Polotsky Comments on Fragile X Genetic Testing

An article written in Above The Law examines a malpractice lawsuit and its broader implications for reproductive medicine

fragile x | Above The Law logo | University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive MedicineA fertility clinic in New York was recently sued after accepting donor eggs with fragile X syndrome, a common disorder that is usually identified using genetic screening techniques. In this case, despite the clinic’s claim that thorough testing had been performed on egg donors, the affected eggs were used in a procedure and a child was born with the syndrome.

“The frequency of fragile X carrier state in women is up to 1 in 100,” Dr. Alex Polotsky explains in the article. “It is a genetic condition that can be passed down through the female genetic-contributor alone. Importantly, that means that there’s no worry about any male genetic contribution, such as with other conditions like cystic fibrosis.”

Among other things, the legal case underscores the critically important role that genetic testing plays in reproductive medicine.

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