CU Research Identifies Key Factors Influencing a Healthy IVF Birth

Dr. Polotsky was the lead author of a study presented at this year’s American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress & Expo

ivf births | CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine | U.S. News & World Report LogoA retrospective study of nearly 30,000 IVF cycles found that implantation rates are higher with fresh donor eggs when compared with frozen, and that transferring just one embryo leads to the best chance of a healthy obstetric outcome. Single embryo transfer reduces the chance of multiple pregnancies (twins or more), which put both mother and children at risk for health complications.

“The most impressive finding that has relevance for all patients undergoing IVF is that performing the transfer with one embryo greatly increases the chance of a healthy baby, the desired objective in IVF,” said lead study author Dr. Alex Polotsky.

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