Infertility Treatment Costs Push Colorado Women Into Black Market Dealing

Denver 7 features Dr. Polotsky in two-part investigative report on IVF meds and infertility insurance coverage

Denver Channel 7’s Contact7 Investigates interviewed Dr. Alex Polotsky as an expert in the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF), reporting that its high price tag is leading some women to purchase and sell the treatment medications on the black market.

Denver Channel 7 logo for story on black market infertility treatments | CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine | Denver

Dr. Polotsky spoke about the dangers of using illegally obtained IVF drugs. He also addressed the need for a new bill called the Colorado Building Families Act that would force insurance companies to cover an infertility diagnosis, treatments like IVF, and the prescription drugs that go with it. The bill has recently passed the House and now heads to the Senate.

You can also read Dr. Polotsky’s blog about the issue: The True Cost of Black Market IVF Fertility Drugs.


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