RESOLVE & Other Online Resources

Information empowers fertility patients, support sooths their worries, and involvement can change infertility policy. Men and women experiencing infertility can sometimes feel all alone. That’s natural, but not exactly correct. Millions of people are in the same situation, and they have excellent online resources that can help.

Fertility Resources:

RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association

This consumer organization assists men and women dealing with infertility by providing information and support, including a directory of support groups. RESOLVE also strives to increase awareness of infertility issues through public education and advocacy.

Offered by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), a multidisciplinary organization for the advancement of information, education, advocacy and standards in the field of reproductive medicine. Go to this website for infertility FAQs, booklets and fact sheets, educational videos, and the latest on fertility research and news.

Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

Affiliated with ASRM, this organization of professionals helps maintain the standards for assisted reproductive technologies, such as IVF, IUI and others. One of its functions is helping patients locate and contact infertility clinics and view national and individual clinic IVF success rates.

The American Fertility Association

A national consumer organization and resource for infertility prevention, reproductive health and family building. AFA offers educational events, an online library, videos, a resource directory and a toll-free support line. Their purpose is to educate the public about reproductive disease and support families during struggles with infertility and adoption.

Centers for Disease Control: Assisted Reproductive Technology

This website offers patient resources on assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments, including preparing for ART, single embryo transfers, success rates, other ART reports and resources, and advice on selecting a provider.

The National Library of Medicine’s, MedlinePlus on Infertility

Here you can find information on infertility, including drugs and medications, explanations of medical terms, and resources for care, support and decision-making.

Fertile Hope

This national nonprofit organization is part of the Livestrong Foundation and provides reproductive information, support and resources for cancer patients whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility.