Patient Resources

Your First Appointment

Prepare for your first visit with CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine: fill out medical history, gynecologic condition, and lifestyle impacting fertility.

After Your First Fertility Consultation

At University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine, we want to help make your fertility treatments and testing as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Before you leave your initial consultation, our fertility specialists will make sure you have personalized answers for treatment and the next steps.

International Fertility Travel

International patients seeking IVF, egg donation & surrogacy abroad can travel to the U.S. for the University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine's world-class infertility treatment.

Becoming a Patient

The doctors and staff at University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine understand that the journey through infertility is not always easy. The decision to seek treatment is an important one, and we are dedicated to providing expert care to meet your individual needs.

Patient Forms

Patients being seen for infertility or gynecological reasons should download and complete the following forms prior to your appointment at CU.

When to Seek Fertility Treatment

Prior to fertility treatment we recognize that everyone will have unique needs and desires for their individualized treatment depending on their diagnosis.

Health Library

Browse through our fertility & health library, which covers infertility conditions, IVF and other fertility treatments, emotional considerations and more.

Blogs & Videos

University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medine Doctors' Blog: medical information about infertility, IVF, women's health, and more.


News and media placements featuring the University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine fertility doctors.

Fertility Preservation FAQs

What is fertility preservation and why choose it are frequently asked questions by those facing cancer and looking for future reproductive opportunities.

E-Newsletter Archive

Subscribe to and read past issues of University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine's fertility and women's health e-newsletter.

RESOLVE & Other Online Resources

Men & women experiencing infertility can sometimes feel alone, but millions of people are in the same situation. Here are online resources that can help.

Fertility Injections: Tips & Training

If fertility medication injections are a part of your treatment, read these injection tips & key points, then watch videos on how to inject your medication.

What Medicaid Covers

Coverage for fertility treatments or IVF under Medicaid is extremely limited. Learn more about what's covered, typical costs and financing options available to UC Advanced Reproductive Medicine patients.

Translation Services

CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine has translator services available for French, German, Italian and more for current and prospective fertility patients.