About Our Fertility Services & Treatments

Infertility is a common problem for couples. We at Advanced Reproductive Medicine (ARM) are proud to offer a full spectrum of infertility services tomeet the needs of our patients. Diagnostic tests include both male and female components. If there is a male factor, we have a full service of andrology (male infertility) available through Dr. Randall Meacham and his colleagues in the University of Colorado Hospital Urology Department. Their offices adjoin ours in the Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion.

Our clinical staff practice evidence-based medicine, meaning we base our recommendations for testing and therapy on the best available research evidence and what works best for an individual problem. We strive to avoid unnecessary tests and treatments. It is our belief that simple approaches such as medication treatment and/or insemination therapy are often successful. The staff works with patients and couples to try to find the simplest and most affordable treatment that will lead to a successful pregnancy.

Our infertility diagnosis and treatment plans are individually based after extensive discussion with the patients regarding the expected outcomes. We help patients find the “recipe” for them, rather than fit them into our recipe. We are up front with our patients regarding their chances of success, but are willing to give patients with limited success an opportunity to try treatment if the expected benefits outweigh the risks.

Even though our nursing and technical staff are outstanding, we do not leave the day-to-day management of your care to them. This is likely to be quite different from experiences at other clinics. We offer a full set of services, including services for single women and patients needing oocyte or sperm donation. With our university affiliation, we often treat patients and couples with very complex and difficult issues such as cancer or major medical problems. If needed, our clinical staff has immediate access to all the consultative services of other university physicians, such as maternal fetal medicine, cardiology, oncology, etc. Additionally, The Center for Integrative Medicine, located in the same building as ARM is closely affiliated with our practice – offering acupuncture and other treatments as needed or desired by our patients.

At Advanced Reproductive Medicine, we understand that infertility testing and treatment can be emotionally draining and many infertile patients need support or benefit from counseling regarding infertility related decision-making. We recommend considering seeing one of our psychologists who specialize in support of individuals going through infertility treatment, and also offer participation in an infertility support group.

Sometimes a referral for outside counseling or psychotherapy is needed and we can help with this as well. We have two experienced Ph.D. psychologists on our staff. They are well versed in the different aspects of the fertility experience and can guide women and couples through the process.