Fertility Counseling

The University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine practice understands that infertility and its treatment are extremely stressful life experiences. Infertility not only interferes with your plans to build a family, but can also adversely affect your relationships with your family, with colleagues at work, with friends and, most powerfully, with your partner. It can also profoundly alter or make you question your sense of yourself and your place in the world. For these reasons, we have two licensed psychologists on staff to offer you support, fertility counseling, and general information during the course of your treatment.

Fertility CouselingOur clinicians can also help you manage the pain of miscarriage and the challenge of coping with genetic disease. Our psychologists have years of experience helping couples navigate the complex questions that can accompany the various assisted reproductive technologies available to you: how do you decide whether a recommended course of treatment is right for your family? How do you grieve your loss – and what are you grieving–if you are considering sperm donation, egg donation, or gestational surrogacy? What issues are likely to arise in raising a child who is the result of this new technology?

Our clinicians can offer you support, insight, and a range of resources: books, websites, referrals for acupuncture and other alternative therapies that people undergoing infertility treatment have found helpful, as well as an ongoing support group where you can meet others engaged in the same struggle.