Fertility Weight Loss Program

Lose weight & increase your chance of getting pregnant with WIFI

Half of all fertility patients, male and female alike, are overweight, which makes it more difficult to achieve pregnancy. To help those patients conceive, we have launched a unique weight loss program that is a joint venture between University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine (ARM) and the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC).

WIFI (Wellness Interdisciplinary Fertility Initiative) is the only program of its kind in the country, combining specialists in fertility and weight management to create a referral network and patient co-management system. WIFI is driven by advanced research of the infertility/obesity link and by science-based weight loss techniques.

Research-based medicine

Dr. Alex PolotskyObesity & Fertility Research (ARM) and Dr. Holly Wyatt (AHWC), the co-directors of WIFI, are leaders in fertility and weight loss.

Dr. Polotsky’s research examines obesity and fertility issues such as the specific ways obesity affects hormones and the quality of sperm. Dr. Wyatt is an internationally acclaimed expert in weight loss and weight loss maintenance whose initiatives incorporate state-of-the-art metabolic, behavioral and environmental assessments to customize a diet and exercise plan that yields lasting results.

The result for infertility patients will be more successful weight loss and increased prospects of attaining pregnancy.

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Anschutz Health & Wellness Center

We focus on attaining your goal with the guidance of two expert teams. All WIFI patients receive fertility therapy at ARM’s new Stapleton clinic and participate in innovative weight loss management at AHWC, a complete health and fitness facility.

Unlike other weight loss programs or fertility centers, WIFI gives patients access to a full range of fertility and health services outside of the program, such as integrative medicine, yoga and acupuncture.