Couple’s Lifelong Dream of Parenthood Comes True With IVF

Linda Moore and her husband Brett always knew they wanted to have children. What they didn’t know was the journey they would have to take to get there, diving into the world of fertility treatments to reach their ultimate goal of having a baby

Moore Family

The two met 16 years ago through a high school friend, dating for two years before breaking up. Almost 10 years passed as Linda and Brett experienced life and matured. They reconnected in 2007, each with more life experience and a firm idea of what they wanted in their futures: each other and kids.

“We always talked about having kids,” Linda says. “It’s something we both wanted.”

Their love for each other and the common desire of wanting children solidified their relationship and they decided to get married.

“We were married April 25th, 2009, and started trying to get pregnant right away,” Linda says with a laugh. “Our honeymoon was during my fertile time, so we tried getting pregnant during the honeymoon. Perfect timing!”

Unfortunately, although they were eager to start a family, the couple encountered problems.

“I knew when I was young that I could have problems getting pregnant,” she says. “I didn’t have a period unless I was on birth control or Clomid.”

Her younger sister, who now has three kids, had a similar problem, though with a more regular monthly cycle. Because of this, Linda was proactive in addressing her fertility from the very beginning, regularly seeing her gynecologist and taking Clomid (a fertility drug that helps stimulate ovulation). After three monthly cycles and no results, it was evident they would need to do more.

Linda was referred to two different clinics, but ultimately chose University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine in Colorado Springs after learning about the clinic’s doctors. The staff’s encouragement and skilled care was just what Linda needed.

“I was pretty emotional because I didn’t know if I could get pregnant,” she says. “But they said they could get me to ovulate and produce and develop eggs.”

Right before treatment began, however, the couple was dealt a blow. Brett lost his job. Ironically, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“He was able to go everywhere with me,” Linda says, thankful that Brett could accompany her to every doctor appointment, help her ask the right questions and stay very involved. Linda’s job was enough to support them, allowing the couple to continue working through the fertility treatment process side-by-side.

Linda started with several different medications and injections , using this method for a year, but to no avail. She still couldn’t get pregnant.

“It was disheartening when month after month it didn’t work,” she says. “It’s an emotional roller coaster. There were times when you just wanted to throw up your hands and give up.”

However, the staff at University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine worked right alongside the Moores, lending their support and expertise to get them through this bumpy stage of their fertility journey.

“Any time a fertility process didn’t work, it was obvious that the people in the office were sad right along with me,” Linda says. “They were very supportive. They even came in on weekends to make sure I was on track for the next steps in the fertility process.”

In the autumn of 2010, the couple transitioned to in vitro fertilization treatment.

The initial cycle was very productive. Advanced Reproductive Medicine harvested 20 of Linda’s eggs, and was able to fertilize 19 of them. In addition to the two embryos implanted into Linda’s womb, six others were frozen for future use.

After the first cycle, she went in for a pregnancy test.

“I knew if I waited around for the test I would drive myself nuts,” she says, which is why she was tested right before her next shift at work. That’s where she got the call.

Photo of the Moore familyAfter only one IVF cycle, Linda was pregnant!

“I started crying because it was so exciting,” she says, tearing up just recalling the joyous moment. “When I got the call that I was pregnant it was one of the best days of my life. I knew life would be complete with a baby and having a child in my life.”

She drove home and eagerly waited for Brett so she could proclaim the news.

“He was excited. This is what we both wanted,” Linda says. “He said in his gut he knew it was going to work.”

After a long road of attempts and discouragement, it was surprising that it took just one IVF cycle to start the long-awaited pregnancy.

“I didn’t think it would work,” Linda recalls. “I thought that I was too old. Plus, I had several friends who had gone through the in vitro process and it didn’t work the first two or three times. It was unbelievable to me.”

The Advanced Reproductive Medicine office shared in the excitement too, from Jodi – the staff member that called to tell Linda the big news – to Linda’s doctor, Dr. Shona Murray.

“The first time I saw the doctor after I found out I was pregnant, we cried together – we were both so happy,” Linda says.

Finally, the Moores were embarking on their real journey–to parenthood.

On July 25, 2011, their little baby girl Brooklyn was born. Now, Linda and Brett are settling into their new roles as parents. Brett is also settling into his new job, having started just a few days after Brooklyn was born.

“We’re still learning how to be parents, and we learn something new every day,” Linda says, mentioning the small details, like giving Brooklyn a bath or cutting her tiny fingernails.

“Our lives have changed tremendously,” she says, seeing the change and new responsibility as a blessing.

“It’s something I’ve wanted for so long, so when the baby cries it’s not frustration I feel. This is what I wanted all my life,” she says. “My reaction to her crying is different than others… I think she is a gift from God.”