Successful IVF Pregnancy After Years of Struggle

Before they saw Dr. Polotsky and the Advanced Reproductive Medicine team, their hopes of starting a family were fading.

IVF pregnancy | UC Advanced Reproductive Medicine | Denver, CO
Danielle, Brian and a tiny pair of shoes for baby Aiden.

Danielle and her husband, Brian, tried to get pregnant on their own for 3 1/2 years before deciding to seek help. Prior to finding Dr. Alex Polotsky at University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine (UCARM), they visited another fertility clinic. Unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment offered by that clinic proved to be unhelpful.

“They said we had a really small chance of getting pregnant on our own,” Danielle recalls. “They recommended intrauterine insemination (IUI). They diagnosed me with unexplained infertility, which we found out later was wrong.”

Following what they thought was sound medical advice, Danielle underwent four unsuccessful IUI treatments. After this string of failures, the couple began to consider seeking another fertility clinic. Danielle works in the field of healthcare as a dietician, and had heard good things about UCARM’s success rates and positive patient experiences.

“We were feeling pretty hopeless and were hoping to get a second opinion,” she explains. “I did a lot of research into success rates and reviews, and I talked to a lot of people who were patients at UCARM. That’s what led me there.”

When a second opinion is a second chance

It wasn’t long into their visit with Dr. Polotsky that Danielle and Brian discovered that they’d been misdiagnosed at the previous clinic.

“We didn’t get properly treated,” Danielle says. “Dr. Polotsky started from the beginning to make sure the previous facility didn’t miss anything, and it turned out they did. He tested my anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels and explained that my egg count was low. He said my chance of getting pregnant with IUI was less than 5 percent. It hit me pretty hard.”

I did a lot of research into success rates and reviews, and I talked to a lot of people who were patients at UCARM. That’s what led me there. Danielle

Danielle recalls the stark difference in quality of care that she and her husband experienced at the hands of Dr. Polotsky.

“Every appointment I had with him, he was very patient and I felt very comfortable,” she explains. “At the other facility we always felt really rushed. He felt that in-vitro fertilization (IVF) was a good option, but he didn’t pressure us to do IVF. He gave us a series of options.”

Strong support, expert care and an IVF pregnancy

IVF pregnancy | UC Advanced Reproductive Medicine | Denver CO
Danielle and Brian’s son Aiden smiles for the camera.

Danielle was open with her family and coworkers about her struggle to get pregnant, and this network of support played a vital role throughout this season of life. As they prepared for IVF, Danielle and Brian were surprised by a generous showing of support from friends and coworkers.

“Our coworkers set up a GoFundMe for our treatment,” Danielle recalls. “It was just a huge blessing for us. I don’t think we could have done it without them.”

After deciding on a single embryo transfer, Danielle and Brian received the thrilling news: They were expecting. Additionally, they were able to freeze two viable embryos for use in future transfers.

Aiden’s arrival and future family building plans

On Thanksgiving Day 2016, Danielle and Brian welcomed their son Aiden into the world.

“He’s a really good baby, and we love being parents,” says Danielle. “We are very lucky. It took us five years to get pregnant but we are so blessed to have received such great care from Dr. Polotsky and staff.”

In a year or so, Danielle and Brian plan on returning to UCARM to pursue a second IVF pregnancy with the frozen embryos stored from their IVF cycle.