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Our patients – and their health – always come first. As a university institution, we are not profit-driven, as many private practices are. Our policy is not to pressure any patients into aggressive forms of treatments if alternatives exist. Whenever possible, our team tries less invasive and less expensive treatments.

Our ultimate goal is to help every patient build their family in the way that is best for them. Because of this, we are especially proud of our IVF success rates at University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine.

In 2014, our live birth rate per new patients was 69 percent for women under the age of 35, and in 2015 our fresh donor eggs live birth rate was 75 percent. In 2017 our pregnancy rate was 75 percent per embryo transfer for women across all age groups.

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Why choose only a SART reporting clinic?

The single most important decision at the beginning of your fertility journey is choosing your fertility care team. That means choosing a program that you can trust to be honest, ethical and “play by the rules.”

Here is how The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) can ensure you make the right choice.

Gives you confidence in your clinic’s reputation

The main overseeing entity for IVF clinics in the United States is SART. Ninety-five percent of IVF cycles in the U.S. are reported to SART. SART’s purpose is to ensure that its members adhere to strict guidelines, ensuring that clinics report success rates accurately and ethically.

Shows your TRUE chance of having a healthy baby at your clinic

SART reporting ensures that clinics are not presenting data in a misleading manner to gain marketing advantage. Only SART clinic data can accurately show you what your ultimate chance is of success when you become a clinic’s patient, and that success is having a healthy baby.

Keeps your clinic honest

Recently SART tightened up their reporting criteria, preventing clinics from hiding unsuccessful cycles. Subsequently, some clinics chose to “opt out” of SART. At CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine, we have nothing to hide and we pride ourselves in our long standing SART membership. We are confident in our outstanding reputation as reflected in our published SART success rates.

So when considering a fertility clinic, always ask if they report to SART, and if not, ask why.

Take a look below to see how we compare to the national average. Still have questions? Learn more about understanding success rates or contact us to set up an appointment.
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