COVID-19 Places Certain Fertility Treatments on Pause

CU ARM discusses COVID-19’s effect on fertility treatments

Dr. Alex Polotsky Talks COVID-19 and Fertility Treatments with Fox News | CU Advanced ReprThe coronavirus pandemic has forced fertility doctors to put certain treatments and procedures on hold.

CU ARM’s COVID-19 response

In an interview with Fox 31 in Denver, University of Colorado’s Dr. Alex Polotsky shared he had the tough task of calling some patients to tell them their in vitro fertilization journey would be put on hold until things are safer.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) released guidelines on March 17 which recommended suspension of new, non-urgent treatments. The University of Colorado’s Advanced Reproductive Medicine is following ASRM’s guidelines.

“My heart is bleeding for my patients,” said Polotsky.

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As COVID-19 brings about a stay at home order, most fertility clinics aren’t conducting treatments. Instead, they’re only seeing patients under a time-sensitive circumstance. For example, patients that may need to get something done ahead of chemotherapy treatments.

In an interview with KOAA New5 in Denver, University of Colorado’s Dr. Shona Murray shares that the Advanced Reproductive Medicine practice has drastically changed.

“I’m seeing as many new patients right now as I would typically, the big difference is we’re not doing treatments right now,” Murray said. “It’s really devastating because often before people get in our door they’ve been trying for years.”

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